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    CISCO NetAcad Polices

    NetAcad is a CISCO Program and every student must follow CISCO Policies.

    1. Your name is on CISCO Netacad Profile is the same as your CNIC so before applying for a voucher verify your profile. If the name is not the same so contact your academy for student support
    2. Provide the email which is not enrolled in any training institution for enrolling in CCNA NetAcad Program. You cannot qualify for the two discount voucher for the same Course on the same email
    3. For qualifying the voucher to get above 70% marks in the CISCO NetAcad Final exam of all modules.
    4. Attempt module assignments, Course Feedback, and course final exam of all given 3 modules. If you do not attempt assignments, your account will be canceled as per CISCO Policy.
    5. For example, if your assignment’s last date is 15 of the month so you have to complete all requirements by the 12 of the month.
    6. After the successful completion of NetAcad, you will qualify for the discount voucher and you have to apply for it. After applying, it takes 10 working days to get the actual voucher. Check it in your netacad profile. If you will not get the voucher after following all requirements so it’s CISCO Criteria. CISCO has the right to issue or not issue the discount vouchers.
    7. We provide complete support to our students but our support is not beyond CISCO Policies. Follow above all policies and qualify for a discount voucher

    Note: Above are Cisco policies for getting the Netacad benefits. If some students participated outside the parameters in the Membership Guide and therefore CISCO cannot reinstate certification vouchers. However, the guidelines exist to protect the sustainability of the CISCO Certification Exam Discount program.