What includes

  • Online training session on Microsoft Teams
  • 3 Cisco netacad certificates
  • Cisco Exam Discount Voucher up to 58% 
  • Study Material
  • Reference videos
  • Ezxprt course completion certificate

Course Duration

2 Months


Urdu | Hindi

9:00 pm-10:00 pm

Pak Time

Rs: 10,000 PKR

$100 USD

CCNA Online Class training

  • Online class training imparts knowledge to the students via the internet and gives them access from anywhere in the world in an online class led by an instructor.
  • This learning mode matches the real-time classroom, but it is cost-effective and time saving.
  • Duration : 24 Session (2 months)
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Class participation is compulsory

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Course Outline

  • Fundamental of Network
  • IPv4 & IPV6 Address
  • OSI and TCP IP Model
  • Router Management
  • Router Security
  • Routing Protocols
  • ACL
  • NAT
  • Switching
  • VLAN & Trunk
  • Intervlan
  • VTP     v1, v2, v3
  • STP | RSTP
  • TFTP Server
  • DHCP Server
  • Syslog Server
  • NTP
  • Network Design
  • EtherChannel
  • HSRP
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Multilayer Switching
  • LAN Security
  • Virtualization & Cloud
  • IPSec
  • QOS

Ezxprt Training Completion Certificate

CISCO NetAcad Program

CISCO NetAcad program is the best source of building an International community, add multiple CISCO certificates on your profile, getting valid and comprehensive study material, and getting a discount voucher.

      1. Provide Interactive Learning Platform to students.
      2. Student can get CISCO Certificates and Recommendation Letters.
      3. Student can get discount voucher.
      4. Student can become the part of International IT society.
      5. Student can participate in Job Hunting Program.
      6.  Student can download CISCO Resources e.g. Software / Study Material.

NetAcad Certificates

After attempting the Module assignments, course feedback and course final exam of all 3 modules. CISCO awarded your below 3 certificates. and discount voucher if your marks are greater than 70% in the final exam of all modules.

ITN: (Certificate of first module)
ENSA: (Certificate of 2nd module)
SRWE: (Certificate of 3rd module)

Training Packages

Online Class Group Training

Rs 10000/- (PKR)

(if applyig from inside Pakistan)

$ 100 USD

(if applyig from outside Pakistan)

One-to-One Training