What is CCNA?

The CCNA (200-301) certification title has become the Top leading entry level certification in computer networking field available today. The CCNA certification was developed by Cisco to test a candidate’s knowledge of networking at entry level. The CCNA certification analyzes the candidate’s ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks.

Purpose of The Training

  • The purpose of CCNA training is to give the trainee to understand about to install, configure and operate LAN and WAN services for small networks. Students can learn how to meet user’s requirements by determining the network topology.
  • If you also believe that the Internet will continue dominating the future, then, it is a wise idea to get the CCNA certificate tag on yourself before you start serving the network. The knowledge gathered through CCNA can be efficiently used for studying other networking modules or will help you solve more problems in networking.

Market Job Demand 

The CCNA career field encompasses many jobs. Job roles that can take up CCNA training include, but are not limited to:

  • IT Technicians
  • Network Engineers
  • Anybody who wants to gain knowledge of Cisco products and services
  • Aspiring IT Professionals
  • Anybody who is looking to clear their CCNA Certification Exam


  • Doing the course, you will learn new skills that help you take your career to the next stage.
  • Certifications, especially CCNA is considered good for the career growth of network professionals.
  • When you get CCNA, you are automatically qualified for other certifications of Cisco.
  • Every employer in the field of Information Technology is keen to employ certified professionals who are competent.
  • Demonstrate your expertise and skills to move up in your career as an CCNA certified Professional
  • Achieve an industry-recognized standard through CCNA certification for administering Cisco solutions for enterprises globally
  • Boost up your confidence by gaining the real-world know-how taught in CCNA training
  • Wear your Cisco badge of honor through CCNA certification training and grow in your career
  • Get newfound recognition with CCNA credential from your co-workers, higher-ups, stakeholders
  • Create a better career pathway as an IT professional with a widely-acknowledged CCNA certification from Cisco
  • The CCNA certification is recognized by IT employers when considering a fresher’s profile for a vacancy or for a promotion for experienced employees.


Basic IT knowledge is strongly recommended to pursue CCNA 200-301.

Modes of Training

CCNA Class Training

Online Class is announced by EZXPRT in 1st week of every month days, time and duration of class is fixed.

CCNA Recorded Training

Self-paced Training with our High quality Recorded videos, Boost your skills in flexible way at your own place, pace and ability.

CCNA One-to-One Training

Only Trainer & student will be the part of this mode of Training. Timing, days, duration as per the student demand.