Modes of Training

Group Training

  • Online group training imparts knowledge to the students via the internet and gives them access from anywhere in the world in an online class led by an instructor.
  • This learning mode matches the real-time classroom, but it is cost-effective and time saving.
  • Duration : 24 Session (2 months)
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Class participation is compulsory

One to One Training

  • One-on-one training in which course is redesign according to the individual needs and incorporates features such as career counseling.
  • Students learn faster due to  direct interaction with the trainer and it is easy, to keep track of the student performance.
  • The student and the trainer set the schedule and length of the class with mutual agreement.

Self Paced Training

  • Video tutorials have emerged as a more adaptable method of instruction than face-to-face training.
  • With “learn at your own pace” training mode, students can manage their studies, work, and other aspects of their life simultaneously.
  • This training mode helps students to avoid the stress of long hours of studies at once.