Term & Condition

  1. Applications. You must submit a completed Scholarship Application Form, agreeing to the Scholarship Conditions and all supporting documentation by the advertised closing date of the course.
  2. Individual Applications. Applications submitted jointly by more than one person will not be considered. Scholarships are awarded to an individual and cannot be shared.
  3. Refused applications. If Your Application is received after the closing date or does not meet the requirements set out in these conditions it will not be considered.
  4. Applications not returned. Your Application will not be returned and will become the property of the Departments.
  5. Eligibility criteria. To be eligible for a Scholarship You must be and provide evidence of:
    • Shuhada’s child
    • A Teacher working in the private or public sector will have a 50% waive-off.
    • Child of Retired Armed Forces below Subedar Rank or equivalent.
    • A resident of Northern Remote Areas of Kashmir, KPK, Baluchistan.
    • And Monthly Income below PKR 40,000.
  6. No age restriction. There is no age restriction applies to the Scholarships.
  7. Multiple applications. You are only eligible for one scholarship per year, however, You may apply for more than one Scholarship provided that:
    • You have successfully completed the previous course.
    • The applications are submitted for different categories.
    • Each application must be on a separate form of the specific course applied for.
  8. Other Scholarships. If You currently hold any scholarship, grant, or bursary You are not eligible for the award of any other Scholarship.
  9. Place and Duration of Study. The Scholarships have a specific Quota in each course. You will be notified correspondingly. Scholarships apply to Class Oriented Courses, NOT APPLICABLE ON Customized/One-to-One Trainings.

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    Eligibility Criteria:
    Teacher’s Child
    Shaheed Child
    Army Child, Navy Child, Police Child, Air Force Child